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Why should I use a Mortgage Adviser?

Make YOUR money work better for YOU!

Many people do not realise the value in using a Mortgage Adviser. Being objective, without being tied to any specific lender, we can truly help you find the best deal with the best terms. When considering long-term lending, the current interest rate being offered is only one factor to take into account. Using experienced advisers can optimise your investment significantly. 

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Mortgage Adviser FAQs.

By listening to your goals and understanding your financial situation we look to personalise the best fit solution for your lending needs. We do this by working with a range of lending institutions as we are not tied to any one lender. We will tailor our advice to help you achieve a balance between your financial and lifestyle choices. Even if you can’t get finance today, we will guide you on what changes you need to be successful in the future.

Unless you have unique circumstances, our services are totally free as we get paid by the lenders. If there were to be any fees, these would be disclosed prior to any application submission.

As Mortgage Advisers we have undergone industry certification, accreditation and qualification. We are individually approved by each lender and are members of our industry body, Financial Advice New Zealand. Our team has over 65 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Maria Thackwell was the winner of the 2019 Financial Advice New Zealand’s Outstanding Adviser Award (Lending) having been recognised for her excellence within the industry.

By having in-depth knowledge of the lenders we can effectively match your need to the best available deals in the market. As we are not tied to any one lender, we are able to leverage the best opportunities for you. The proof of our success is that our loan approval rate is seen to be significantly higher than the industry average.

Banks are tied to their own products and lending policy which means their offering may not be the best fit for you.

We work with all the banks and non-bank lenders. The only exception is Kiwibank who currently do not work with most independent mortgage advisers.

We aim to make working with us as easy as possible by arranging appointments to suit your availability. We often see clients in the evening or weekend if necessary.

Due to the constant changes in bank policies and Government legislation obtaining a loan can be very complex. We will help you navigate any challenges that may impact your situation.

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