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Fixed Rate, Floating Rate, Revolving Credit? - Home Loans and Mortgages

At Maria Thackwell Mortgage Company, we work with a wide range of lenders to offer you greater choice and flexibility. From fixed interest, floating interest to revolving credit or transactional loans, we can help you mix and match your home loan options to suit your situation.

You can have a mix of fixed interest rate periods to lock in favourable interest rates; for example part of your home loan could be on a 2 year period, another part on a 3 year period and another part on a 4 year period.

You could have part of your home loan on floating and the rest on fixed so you can use your surplus income to repay some of your floating rate loan faster and not attract penalty fees. Or you could reduce your total interest costs and pay your mortgage off faster with flexible or revolving credit loans where the interest rate is calculated daily.

With more than 25 years finance experience, we can assess your current home loan and give sound advice on how to best structure your mortgage to meet your current needs. If your fixed rate has expired, we can also help you re-fix your home loan.

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There are lots of different options with different rates, fees and conditions. We’ll find the best option to suit your needs.

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Want to know more? This is where you’ll find the most common questions asked by first home buyers.

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