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Press Release - Bucking the trend and making mortgages fun
28th July 2011

Bright, vivacious and bubbling with enthusiasm about banking (yes banking!) Maria Thackwell is bucking the trend; many trends in fact.

The first trend breaker – while so many Canterbury businesses are struggling or closing their doors, Maria has just launched hers. Secondly – she just loves banking and finance “It’s so much fun” she declares, and thirdly – Maria is not at all what one might expect from a mortgage broker. There are no stuffy suits, nor long winded explanations about your debt to income ratio, just good old fashioned chat to ensure she gets you the very best lending for your unique situation.

At the beginning of August, Maria Thackwell Mortgages threw open its doors, “let the fun begin,” declares this bouncy broker. After 26 years in banking, this bubbly professional – who after only her second year as a mobile mortgage manager, held the number one position nationally within one of New Zealand’s most prominent banks, made the decision to establish her own company.

“I have lost my home and will probably also lose my land. After September the house was severely damaged but we continued to live there, but after February we had no choice but to move out. Life is so short and you never know what is around the corner. I knew that now was the time to follow my true passion. “

And that passion is all about empowering people, helping them build bright and positive futures. “I can be part of this process by using my expertise in finance to help you get the very best lending deals. My approach might be friendly, casual and outgoing, but I take my job very seriously and my customers, no matter what size lending requirements they have, are each incredibly important to me.”

Sitting down with Maria is equivalent to dragging yourself in and out of six or more banks for detailed meetings on what they can offer you. “I take the pain out of the lending. I listen to what your requirements are and then can advise and match you with the very best lending institution specific to your needs. And that is only the start of our relationship.”

Maria Thackwell Mortgages has been built on a culture of long-term relationship building, and it will be this, combined with Maria’s professionalism and caring, that will take the business to great heights.

For the four years she was a mobile mortgage manager within the banking sector, Maria always sat in the top quarter of the country’s highest performers – if not at the top. And considering the average sale price in Canterbury is considerably lower than Auckland, this meant securing more business to maintain this top ranking.

For several years Maria spent a lot of her working time with customers in the Eastern side of Christchurch. After the earthquakes, and her own personal experience of loss (both of house and life – Maria’s family knew five people who died on February 22) she is passionate about helping families rebuild their lives. “I have always been able to connect with my customers, that is why my job is so satisfying, but to now work with people who have had their lives turned upside down; I really can relate to that.

“I have great optimism for the future of Christchurch and Canterbury. I love this region, I think as a community we are amazing, and I am excited and feel privileged to be a part of the rebirth and rebuilding process that will continue to happen over the coming years.”

So if you need finance for any reason, Maria will help simplify all your lending, be it refinancing, getting a construction loan, a first home loan or investment finance. She will do this at a time and place to suit you. “I make it easy, taking you through the entire process step by step – and we will have some fun along the way.”


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