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Can I improve my financial situation by using property?

Using equity in your property can enable you to fund other property investments to create future wealth. Building a portfolio of investment property can provide additional rental income, as well as capital growth over time.

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Property Investor FAQs.

Sometimes – Depending on the current market conditions, seeking advice from us can help you review the pros and cons of your decisions.

The application process is the same as when you purchased your home. You will need to go through the usual legal settlement process and have your new mortgage approved by lenders. We make this process as easy as possible for you.

Releasing equity in your current property can allow you to reinvest elsewhere for greater returns, if the market conditions are right. We will help you assess your unique situation so that you can make an informed investment decision.

Everyone’s situation is different. We can help you assess whether there is any opportunity to enhance your investment strategy.

We can help you get the best rates for your renewal, either with your current lender or others in the market. We can negotiate rates not necessarily openly published by lenders.

No. Sometimes it is better to separate your home lending from your investment property lending. The choice varies from case to case.

Yes, we do this all the time. We have vast experience in the mortgage world and can help you get the best deals available. We can also help you engage with quality professionals such as valuers, accountants, and property management companies.

You may be able to raise a deposit from equity in your own home. By having your home revalued you may find you have achieved capital growth since it was first purchased. This capital growth could be used as a new investment deposit.

As with any property purchase, you will need to use the services of a solicitor. You could also seek the services of an accountant and property management company to assist with your rental business. A property management company can provide a rental appraisal to help you gauge your potential returns. This service is often free.

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