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Moving on is all part of your journey – whether you have outgrown your current home or seek to downsize. Having owned your home for a while you will probably have grown some equity which means you have options for your future. Using a Mortgage Adviser will maximise your goals.

Any questions?

Moving again FAQs.

Not typically. Each lender has subtle differences in their policies which could either benefit or impair your ability to borrow. We know the details across all the lenders and can guide you in the right direction.

You can keep your current home as an investment if you have built up enough equity in that property and can afford the lending required for your new purchase.

Each has its pros and cons. Selling first means you have certainty on how much you can spend on your new property but may cause you to need temporary accommodation whilst house hunting. Buying first may mean you need to arrange costly bridging finance until you sell. This is a complex situation we can talk about when we meet to see what suits your unique situation best.

Yes, but they are often an expensive option. Lenders prefer to only approve bridging finance when there is a clear date for full repayment of the loan. Talk to us before pursuing these options as we could help you minimise the cost.

Not necessarily. The market is constantly changing along with the lenders’ policies. We constantly review the best deals available for your situation.

How does it work?

Our hand-holding process.

I’ve found my perfect home!

I want to go house hunting.

Meet with one of our Mortgage Advisers to assess your situation and your best borrowing options

Together we gather information required by the chosen lender.

We submit a proposal to the lender.

We negotiate with the lender if necessary.

We then receive an offer from the lender. If unsuccessful, we can review other options.

We structure lending with the client.

Time to celebrate buying your new home!

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